Farmed in the U.S. for more than a century and throughout the world for hundreds of years, rainbow trout has long been a consumer favorite for its delicate meat and clean flavor. U.S. trout farmers grow about 25,000 tons of rainbow trout annually. Idaho produces almost 80% of that number, and Clear Springs Foods in Buhl Idaho is the largest producer. Clear Springs, through their partnership with farmers in Peru, is now able to provide year-round availability of Ruby Red Rainbow Trout to foodservice operators across the country. 
Ruby Red rainbow trout can be prepared in a number of ways whether grilled, blackened, baked, sautéed, cold smoked, pan fried or poached.  Restaurants have   already discovered the versatility and popularity of Ruby Red trout such as Z-Tejas in Austin Texas which features a grilled Ruby Red trout salad with mixed greens, sun-dried tomato vinaigrette and topped with spicy walnuts and goat cheese.  Blue River in Breckenridge Colorado feature a pistachio crusted Ruby Red trout with a citrus buerre blanc served alongside a roasted sun dried tomato quinoa. The award winning Brown Trout restaurant in Chicago serves Ruby Red trout with English peas, bacon, brown butter, shallots with a preserved lemon mint. The Red Cliffs lodge in Mohab Utah gives a spicy twist to Ruby Red trout with their southwest crusting and roasted red pepper lemon butter. Portofino in Lexington Kentucky complements their simple pan fried preparation with a lemon scented brown butter with caramelized fennel and basmati lentil rice with steamed asparagus. Ruby Red trout is also great wrapped in prosciutto with sage and a great recipe can be found on the Clear Springs web site –  This recipe works great with regular or ruby red trout and was created by Tony Mantuano who presides over the celebrated Spiaggia in Chicago.  Lastly, the Zinc Bar features a grilled Ruby Red trout fillet with sour cream red potatoes, asparagus and champagne dill buerre blanc.  
Your local purveyor can provide you with Clear Springs Ruby Red Rainbow Trout fillets which are packed in 10 pound cases of individually vacuum packed fillets ranging from 4 to 8 ounces. Your patrons will also like the fact that Rainbow Trout is a sustainable species and is loaded with Omega 3’s and protein.
Whether you are a contemporary American restaurant, Italian, Peruvian or anything in between, be sure to take a look at the new dimension Ruby Red rainbow trout  could provide to your menu.