Evan Zimmerman, mixologist at Laurelhurst Market in Portland, Ore., won first place in the second annual Children's Relief Nursery Iron Bartender competition. The event took place Jan. 21 at The Jupiter Hotel.
Children's Relief Nursery Iron Bartender 2010 Winner Evan Zimmerman of Laurelhurst Market*

Zimmerman competed against local mixologists Neil Kopplin of Clyde Common, Elizabeth Markham of Beaker and Flask and Jacob Grier of Carlyle Restaurant in a mix-off challenge to benefit the Children's Relief Nursery. Each of the creations was sampled and judged by guests and three celebrity judges. Zimmerman's winning signature cocktail will be featured this spring at the Children's Relief Nursery's fundraising event to help prevent child abuse and neglect. For more information, visit www.crn4kids.org.

*Photo credit: Nicole Ishida, Lyrebird Images*