Partnering with Sandra Lee, editor-in-chief, Semi-Homemade Magazine, New York Times bestselling author and Food Network celebrity, Tyson Foods, Inc., is giving 300,000 pounds of raw, frozen chicken to programs feeding the hungry in New York State. City Harvest, the world’s first food rescue organization dedicated to feeding hungry men, women, and children in New York City, received its first share on March 11th at West Side Campaign Against Hunger, a supermarket-style food pantry in Manhattan that receives food from City Harvest. 

Ken Orr, Sandra Lee, Doreen Wohl, Jilly Stephens and Julio Santiago 
Sandra Lee was on hand with representatives of Tyson Foods to make an initial donation of 32,000 pounds of chicken to Jilly Stephens, executive director of City Harvest, and Doreen Wohl, executive director of West Side Campaign Against Hunger. City Harvest will distribute the donation to its network of soup kitchens and food pantries in the five boroughs of New York City. The remainder of the 300,000-pound protein donation will be provided to nine additional food banks throughout New York State over the next six months. 

Sandra Lee unloading the truck
The gift comes not long after Sandra Lee visited nine Feeding America member food banks across New York State to hear directly from these programs about challenges they face in this economy. Sandra Lee contacted Tyson Foods when she learned that donations of protein-rich foods like chicken are in demand, but especially difficult for food banks to obtain. Tyson Foods has made a commitment to donate one million pounds of protein to 37 food banks during the month of March as part of their “KNOW Hunger” campaign focused on helping more people understand and join the effort to eliminate hunger in America. 
Visit the City Harvest Web site for more information.