From family to fine dining, char-grilled to sautéed, dusted to crusted, preparing rainbow trout is easier than ever, and it’s showing up on more and more menus today. With its delicate, mild taste, rainbow trout accents the flavors of marinades and seasonings from citrus to bold and spicy profiles – making it an extremely versatile protein.

Clear Spring Foods brings delicious versatility to your menu with Clear Springs® Clear∙Cuts® rainbow trout fillets – available in natural fillet and butterfly style. As the only 100% guaranteed boneless rainbow trout available, Clear∙Cuts® are a truly exceptional menu item for patrons and provide ultimate convenience for you.

Menu Watch
At Apache Trout Grill in Traverse City, MI their focus is on fresh and fine ingredients. They pan fry rainbow trout fillets with peppers, onions and feta with a white wine sauce.  Enjoy it next to fresh-baked bread, salad, soup or a variety of flatbreads. At Trout Town Tavern & Eatery in downtown Kalkaska, MI, “where every meal is a great catch,” they serve up a Smoked Trout & Cheese Plank appetizer that includes smoked trout pâté, rainbow trout sausage and aged cheeses served with sweet cherry compote, candied pecans and homemade crostini. As an entrée, they lightly season and sauté rainbow trout fillets, then top with lemon chive butter and serve with a wild mushroom risotto and vegetable of choice. Finally, you’ll love the fine dining at The Hungry Trout, set in the Flume Falls section of Wilmington, NY. With fresh trout as their specialty, The Hungry Trout elegantly serves its rainbow trout several ways, from grilled with a spinach and artichoke Parmesan sauce, to herb encrusted and pan fried, to pan seared with Grand Marnier butter sauce. It’s also featured as an accompaniment in a sampler entrée application.

Covering The Menu
Clear Springs Rainbow Trout is the perfect foundation for creating signature appetizers and entrées.
Smoked Appetizers: Brine fillets in a water and salt mixture overnight; dry and smoke for a few hours. Then, create a colorful Bruschetta on a baguette and add a flavorful garnish. Or, try a creamy smoked trout dip or mousse and serve with toasted ciabatta bread.
Savory Sandwiches: Most breads will suffice, such as Focaccia, Sourdough or an Artisan French Bread. Or, partner with a local supplier to keep local business booming and have fresh bread delivered daily to your doorstep. Grill or sauté fillets and pick your toppings and sauces such as cilantro slaw, chipotle mayo or horseradish tartar. The possibilities are deliciously endless.
Impressive Entrees: Try a Spanish spice rub on grilled Clear Springs Rainbow Trout, accompanied with grilled Swiss chard and herbed whole grain rice. Or stuff Clear Springs butterfly-style rainbow trout with spinach and tarragon and serve alongside roasted potatoes and grilled asparagus. Rainbow trout is perfect for crusting applications, too. Innovate your menu with spicy panko-and-horseradish crusted fillets. Or use popular items such as almonds, sunflower seeds or pretzels for added texture and appetite appeal. Be sure to visit for additional menu ideas!