Sara Lee Foodservice has released its proprietary Dessert Menuvision toolbox, an interactive online platform that provides operators with custom solutions to help enhance their dessert offerings for increased sales and patron satisfaction.

The development of Menuvision was a cross-functional effort across the areas of sales, marketing and consumer and operator insights. Through extensive research, focus groups and data analysis – including proprietary research studies developed with foodservice operators, full-service restaurant waitstaff and consumers – the team identified several areas of opportunity for operators to enhance dessert performance, including product assortment, dessert presentation and limited time offerings (LTOs).   

One key component of the Menuvision toolbox is the Dessert Menu Optimizer, an online guide to help operators determine the right dessert assortment for their restaurants. Developed in collaboration with trusted industry partner Datassential, the Dessert Menu Optimizer uses information provided by operators, such as their restaurant’s dessert sales and menu composition, to calculate a menu’s “Appeal Level” – a ranking determined by the percentage of patrons likely to find a dessert they will love on the menu. The metrics for Appeal Level ratings are based on a survey of more than 2,000 consumers nationwide. After calculating a dessert menu’s Appeal Level, the Dessert Menu Optimizer will then suggest options to raise the menu’s score by shifting the mix of dessert offerings.

Menuvision offers several other tools such as the Dessert Menu Layout/Design Guide which outlines the principles of page layout, descriptive language and lighting for dessert photos as well as the LTO Profit Guide, which helps operators update their menus with a rotation of seasonal favorites throughout the year to drive additional sales.

Other Menuvision features include:
  • Smaller Portions Guide 
  • Waitstaff Training Guide 
  • Dessert Merchandising Guide
  • Dessert Promotion Calendar Guide
  • Dessert Customizing Guide
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