Optimism in the foodservice packaging industry is up this year compared to last year, according to the results of the Foodservice Packaging Institute's (FPI) Foodservice Packaging Industry Surveys, released earlier this month. The surveys gauge the state of the industry among top manufacturers and their suppliers in North America and Europe as well as operators and distributors.

According to one of the surveys, 82 percent of foodservice packaging manufacturers in North America expect their sales volumes to be better this year than last, up from 42 percecnt in 2009. The surveys also found that 55 percent of North American manufacturers expect their profits to be better than last year, which is on par with 2009 expectations.

The foodservice packaging industry's customers also are more optimistic this year than they were in 2009. According to 53 percent of North American foodservice operators surveyed, sales are expected to be better this year. This is a slight increase from 2009. Among foodservice packaging distributors surveyed, 67 percent said they expect 2010 to be better than last year.

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