Dana Herbert from Desserts By Dana will appear on the new TLC competition series"Ultimate Cake Off" in an episode airing Sept. 14 at 10 p.m.

In the episode, Dana Herbert will face off against two other contestants in a challenge to create an edible masterpiece, win $10,000 and have their cakes featured at a marquee event. In this episode, the cake is in competition to be featured at Lego Land California's 10th Birthday.

With only nine hours, the competitors must make cakes that are at least five feet tall and are creative enough to win the taste of the client and the ultimate prize. To add to the pressure, the contestants also face two mini-challenges--a skills test and a taste test--that could give one team the ultimate advantage: being able to sit out another team for 30 minutes.

The series is hosted by chef Michael Schulson, owner of Atlantic City’s Izakaya. Joining Michael are judges Margaret Braun, an acclaimed sugar artist based in New York, and Leigh Grode, owner of Los Angeles’ Cake Divas bakery.

The series fan site is tlc.com/tv/ultimate-cake-off/ultimate-cake-off.html.

Who knew the center of plate could be such a lonely place? A new Web site called www.grilledandlonely.com, that's who.

Ostensibly a way for "centers to find their true sidemates," Grilled & Lonely is actually an entertaining little site that lets foodservice operators search for side dish ideas to accompany grilled proteins according to compatibility factors like "snuggling," "commitment" or "a fresh start." You can also "speed date," which basically delivers instant, random pairings of grilled meat and sides. And there's a fun section of success stories about centers and sidemates that were "happily menued after."

The site is sponsored by Bush Brothers, the good people behind Bush's Best® Baked Beans, the No. 1 brand of baked beans in the country. So it's no surprise the recipe ideas on Grilled & Lonely are baked bean-based. What is a surprise, maybe, is that these recipe ideas sound (and look) incredibly tantalizing and show off the versatility of baked beans. It’' also a nice tie-in with Bush’s new foodservice advertising, which positions Bush’s Best as "The best thing next to any grill."

The site was created for Bush Brothers by Marlin and The Alchemedia Project, both based in Springfield, Mo.