As the desire for “better-for-you” choices continues to increase and change in definition, your approach,as Chefs, to the foods you source and prepare for your menu must also change and reflect this growing trend.

In the past, better-for-you meant healthier in terms of lower fat, calories and sodium. While this is still relevant and important, todaythe definition far exceeds these healthy claims. Consumers are becoming more educated on where foods originate, how they’re processed, or not, and their journey from inception to plate—whether it be at home or in your operation. Healthier is linked to quality. The quality of the foods you prepare does matter. And, more and more of your customers want to know the details.

Maximize Your Menu
Suggestive selling from waitstaff is still necessary and effective. However, your menu is an essential resource, and one you can capitalize on to help successfully describe and promote your better-for-you offerings.

As patrons’ knowledge of such terms as “superfood,”“clean-labeling,” “hormone-free” and “non-GMO” is becoming more commonplace, you can take advantage of this sophisticated mindset and adapt your menu accordingly. Changing your description from“Juicy beef burger on a whole wheat bun with a side of French fries,” to “Free-range, pasture-raised, 100% beef enclosed in a toasted, gluten free bun and served alongside locally sourced organic sweet potato fries,” sounds more appealing and not only identifies the attributes of the foods, but confirms you care about the quality of the food served to your patrons.As Chefs, the suppliers you partner with reflect the personality and integrity of your operation.

Farm-Raised To Plate, Perfection
Made in the USA. Locally grown. Locally sourced. However you state it, where your food comes from matters. At Clear Springs Foods, our uncompromised dedication to quality and total vertical integration assures you the finest rainbow trout available, from farm to plate. We maintain control over every phase of production, ensuring complete transparency and outstanding consistency.

Not only do we pride ourselves on our sustainable practices in both our Idaho and Chilean farms, we’re also excited to provide you with a versatile protein you can feel good about promoting on your menu. Clear Springs® Rainbow Trout Fillets provide that perfect, sustainable foundation for creating an endless array of menu ideas. They’re 100% boneless for ultimate convenience and available in natural fillet and butterfly style for application flexibility. With its delicate, mild taste and tender texture, rainbow trout accents the flavors of marinades, sauces and seasonings – making it an extremely versatile, healthy protein you can be proud to serve. Visit for recipes and more.