Events and noteworthy news

By Sam Ujvary

Drink Local

A couple weeks ago, I went to an event, Drink Local Chicago. Hosted by Social Power Hour, the event, self-explanatory, consisted of local wineries, breweries and distilleries coming together for a massive tasting for the public. How brilliant, promoting the companies that don't have a massive marketing budget and may not be a household name. These are handcrafted products getting their name (and product) out there, and encouraging local citizens to become more a part of their community, all while enjoying a local wine, new beer or small batch whiskey. In such a populated city with endless options, it's really nice to go to a place where I can see which companies are growing, brewing and distilling around me, and it's even better to get to know those doing the growing, brewing and distilling. Much like this Made in the U.S. and buying local trend Americans have been embracing lately, it's nice that the craft industry is running with the idea as well.

Some of the notable companies, Potosi Brewing, Next Star Vodka, Carson's Brewery and Widmer Brothers Brewing joined other well-known players in the beer and spirits game like Rogue and Koval.

The one-day showcase of all things Chicago brought together local vendors in an intimate setting. Hopefully, by this time next year, more Chicagoans will learn of this event, and more local companies will want to partake in giving us a proper education of what goes on around us in the wine, beer and spirits world.

Chicago, here's to you.