No other time of the year is seafood consumption higher than during Lent. As the Lenten season fast approaches, Catholics and other Christian faiths begin preparations for the 40-day period of fasting, prayer and repentance. As some consumers plan their meatless, seafood-rich meals accordingly at home during this period,they’re also seeking protein alternatives while away from home, whether out dining at their favorite establishment or at the cafeteria during their workday. 

Beginning February 18 and ending before Easter Sunday which falls on April 5, Chefs have an ample opportunity to create delicious, signature dishes and promote their Lenten specials in order to benefit from a boost in seafood sales. With its mild flavor and tender texture, Rainbow Trout is a great choice for crafting exceptional Lenten entrees. And, Clear Springs® Clear∙Cuts® rainbow trout fillets provide that perfect base for observing Lent. They’re the only 100% boneless rainbow trout on the market and are available in natural fillet and butterfly style for application flexibility and ultimate convenience.

ENDLESS WAYS TO INDULGE (without feeling guilty)
From hot smoking to char-grilling and dusted to crusted, rainbow trout lends itself to a variety of preparation methods, and it accents the flavors of marinades, sauces and seasonings – making it an extremely versatile protein. By blending textures and flavors such as crunchy and creamy, sweet and spicy, citrus and Cajun– chefs can create a memorable experience for their guests.

To help inspire your creativity, here are some festive menu ideas: Pouched Rainbow Trout in tin foil with fresh vegetables, Rainbow Trout Almondine or Rainbow Trout with Lemongrass and Apple Pearls. Try seasoning trout with lime, chives, olive oil and salt and pepper, baking, and then serving atop crusty bread. Or, smoke Rainbow Trout and serve as a salad with an avocado dressing.

Any way you serve it this Lenten season, trust Clear Springs’ quality to create signature entrees you can be proud to plate for your guests. Visit for recipes and more.