Hunger in America is anything but hidden; threatening the future of America’s youth in overwhelming numbers. It’s a domino affect that starts at the kitchen table and impacts everything from schooling to relationships. Taking action is giving the gift of strength—and with Mercadito, it’s as simple as a taco.

Now in its fourth year, Mercadito’s Taco for Strength campaign is a year-long effort to combat childhood hunger. Chef Patricio Sandoval and 12 acclaimed chefs from around the country join in this fight and offer a signature taco by each chef every month. The October Taco for Strength from Mercadito gives diners the pleasure of Chef Jason Vincent’s—formerly of Chicago’s Pilsen-neighborhood Nightwood—fantastic cuisine. Each month, Sandoval welcomes a renowned chef to support Share Our Strength, and Vincent did not disappoint with his Lamb Carnitas Taco.

"Spring lamb is one thing, but fall lamb is what I really look forward to,” he says. “They've grazed on clover all summer so the fat is aromatic and vegetal, and the meat is perfect for braising."  

The Lamb Carnitas Taco will be available at all Mercadito restaurants (New York, Chicago and Las Vegas) throughout the month of October. 

In 2013, Mercadito sold a grand total of 2,595 Tacos for Strength, raising nearly $2,000 to benefit Share Our Strength. This is the first year that the restaurant has engaged accomplished chefs outside of the restaurants’ markets to create a signature taco. Five percent of the sales from Vincent’s taco will be donated to Share Our Strength. The tacos will be available for dinner (four per order) for $17.50 or for lunch (three per order) for $13.50.
-Megan O'Neill