The 15th annual Webby Awards is seeking entries for the year's Best Restaurant Websites. From now to Dec. 17, the Webby Awards will accept entries for the Best Restaurant Website of the year at The early entry deadline is Oct. 29.

Nominees will be announced in April 2011, and winners will be honored at a gala ceremony in June. In keeping with Webby tradition, all winners' speeches are limited to five words. Last year's winner was Yo! Sushi.

The Webby Awards is the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet, including websites, interactive advertising, online film and video, and mobile web and applications. For more information, visit

In commercial kitchens, ovens and other cooking equipment impact the operation every day from menu selection and development to dining room turnover to the number of plates an operation can serve. Choosing the right equipment is a big decision. RATIONAL USA, makers of the SelfCooking Center®, offers its TeamCooking Live events nationally on a weekly basis to supplement and assist foodservice operators with decision-making during the purchasing process.

RATIONAL's TeamCooking Live events provide prospective customers with a personalized opportunity to effectively evaluate the unit. The hands-on trial of the SelfCooking Center caters to specific types of operations, for example for a banquet and catering operator, the event would provide an opportunity to prepare a variety of food simultaneously using the LevelControl feature and prepare plated dishes using the Finishing® process. For a healthcare operation, they would prepare well-rounded meals including a meat, vegetable and starch such as rice.

The interactive cooking experience provides operators with the knowledge of how the SelfCooking Center can improve their food quality and daily operation. Additionally, because the SelfCooking Center is capable of cooking many foods and conducting many cooking techniques, TeamCooking Live events demonstrate hypothetical comparisons between the SelfCooking Center and traditional cooking equipment. Operators learn how the SelfCooking Center reduces expenses on product such as meat and overhead costs such as energy.

"The TeamCooking Live event really saved us from purchasing the wrong equipment," said Chris Parker, director of food & nutrition services at Saint John Medical Center in Joliet, Ill. "We save more than $50,000 a year in food, labor and energy costs. That's a perfect return on investment for two hours spent in a RATIONAL TeamCooking Live event."

The average TeamCooking Live event runs for about two to three hours and is directed by one of RATIONAL's certified chefs. Each event offers plenty of personal attention with an average of six to eight attendees from various sectors of the foodservice industry. The attendees have an opportunity to cook roughly 20 to 25 different items in the SelfCooking Center and taste the end product.

Operators can find out about upcoming TeamCooking Live events near them by visiting RATIONAL's Web site. The demonstrations take place weekly at more than 100 venues nationwide.