It's been a busy fall so far for the Idaho Potato Commission, as it unveils three new varieties of Idaho-grown potato in addition to the well-known russet: gold, red and fingerling potatoes.

Purple Peruvian fingerlings are suitable for potato salads, roasting or sautéing.

"The growing conditions in Idaho--both the rich, volcanic soil and the climate--are the best in the world for yielding great tasting potatoes with a high solids content," said Don Odiorne, vice president of foodservice, in a statement. "Similar to the russet, the new Idaho-grown varieties perform well in foodservice because of their low water content."

The waxy Cal Red variety retains its skin color well and is good for potato salad.

The breakdown of the four varieties is as follows:
  • russets: Burbank, Norkotah, Ranger and Western;
  • golds: Milva, Yellow Finn and Yukon Gold;
  • reds: Cal Red, Red La Soda, Norland; and
  • fingerlings: Russian Banana, Ruby Crescent, French Fingerling, Purple Peruvian.
The IPC also recently launched a new blog, Ask Dr. Potato where Odiorne answers chefs' questions about menuing potatoes, healthy recipes, cost-effective use of potatoes and potato leftovers. Visit for more information or to ask a question.