As chefs, we’re constantly searching for new menu ideas that offer a refreshing twist on an emerging trend, or perhaps, to start new trends. We love flavor and textures and experimenting with both,with the motivation to craft our own signature recipes worthy of an LTO or even a menu staple. Clear Springs®Boneless Rainbow Trout provides the exceptional foundation for all your menu creations.
This year, let’s craft our menus to stand out, to be a reason why patrons wait for a table, come back again and bring their friends. From small plates and appetizers to sought-after entrees, rainbow trout delivers total versatility. Its mild flavor and tender texture pairs exceptionally well with marinades, sauces and seasonings. And, our natural and butterfly fillets are 100% boneless for ultimate convenience and perfect for grilling, pan sautéing or oven prep. So get imaginative, as you’re only limited by your creativity.
You can feel good about serving rainbow trout to your patrons, too. Clear Springs rainbow trout is sustainability raised in crystal clear, 58°F spring water in southern Idaho. We’ve been at the forefront of environmental stewardship and continue to bea leader in sustainable production and practices. Learn more about the sustainable superfood, rainbow trout, and find delicious recipes ideas at