Chefs and consumers are taking notice of rainbow trout as it continues to grow in popularity and is becoming a great addition on menus across the U.S. It’s been farmed raised in the U.S. for over a century and has been named a “Best Choice” on the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch® list because it's farmed in an “ecologically responsible way.” 25,000 tons of rainbow trout is grown annually by U.S. farmers with Idaho producing almost 80% of that number. Clear Springs Foods, located in Buhl Idaho, is the largest producer of rainbow trout in the U.S., and through their partnership with farmers in Peru, also supplies Ruby Red rainbow trout, year-round, to foodservice operators across the country. 
Simplicity For Chefs
With its tender, delicate texture and mild flavor, Ruby Red rainbow trout pairs well with a variety of seasonings, garnishes and sauces. It’s extremely versatile and can be prepared in a number of ways whether grilled, blackened, baked, sautéed, cold smoked, pan fried or poached. 

See How Restaurants Are Serving Ruby Red
Knob Hill Inn in Sun Valley, Idaho grills Ruby Red rainbow trout with lemon, capers, brown butter and toasted pine nuts. Clark’s Outpost BBQ in Texas marinates and cold smokes their Ruby Red fillets then, serves them with their own special dipping sauce. And, Mr. Rain’s Fun House in Baltimore prepares Ruby Red rainbow trout in a parsley malt vinegar coulis with fennel & potato salad.

Signature Recipes For You
Try char-grilling Ruby Red fillets and serving with pickled summer vegetable relish that’s made using a blend of squash, carrots and fresh-market corn. Or, bake Ruby Red fillets and create your own Waldorf Salad with crisp bacon, sweet-tart apple slices, homemade croutons and toasted, salted pecans. For a unique and delicious Po’ Boy sandwich application, crust fillets with cornmeal and serve a homemade Remoulade Sauce. Ruby Red trout is also great wrapped in prosciutto with sage for a flavorful entrée that’s easy to prepare. For these and other great recipes, visit 
Your local purveyor can provide you with Clear Springs Ruby Red Rainbow Trout fillets which are packed in 10 pound cases of individually vacuum packed fillets ranging from 4 to 8 ounces. Your patrons will also like the fact that Rainbow Trout is a sustainable species and is loaded with Omega 3’s and protein.
Whether you are a contemporary American restaurant, Italian, Peruvian or anything in between, be sure to take a look at the new dimension Ruby Red rainbow trout could provide to your menu.