With the NRA show in town, we're continuing our list of must-eat restaurants for brunch, dinner and everything in between.

By Sam Ujvary

419 W. Superior Street
Have you ever walked into a restaurant and felt an immediate sense that the interior decor is going to directly reflect the menu? River North's Kinmont knows the feeling. I walked in and noticed the evident influence of copper within the dinning room, reflecting the era from which the restaurant draws inspiration. It seamlessly blends an eye for creativity with accents reminiscent of mid-to-late 1800s hunting and fishing clubs that fostered an appreciation for nature. The space boasts some original design elementsskylights, large beams and exposed brick. Kinmont gets its name from the artisan salmon fly-fishing lure known as the Kinmont Willie. Rooted in a unique brand of Americana, the concept harkens to an era when fly fishing and hunting were prominent sources of conservation in the Midwest.
It's a sustainable seafood restaurant with an emphasis on types of fish that aren't utilized as much as traditional seafood. The menu comes from local and coast-based products sourced daily. In addition to traditional salmon, tuna, oysters, crab, lobster, shellfish and other customary seafood choices, Kinmont shines the spotlight on rough fish. Rough fish are some of the most sustainable selections available, a keystone component of the restaurant's ethos. The dining program supplements local wares with sustainably fished products sourced from both coasts, and adheres to the Monterey Bay seafood watch list, the Safe Harbor list, and the Bill Fish foundation list. Its menu includes some unfamiliar varieties such as triggerfish, cobia, and amberjack, all sourced from individual fishermen. Kinmont's menu offers a wide variety of pastas, sandwiches and other dishes from a larger host of raw seafood offerings to a take on a classic burger or new wild game proteins including pheasant and quail.