Small changes can yield big rewards when it comes to kitchen supplies. Every purchasing decision provides an opportunity to maximize budget and improve the restaurant as a whole.

One purchasing adjustment, which can go a long way, is to consider moving away from latex single-use gloves and try a less expensive, more sustainable option like nitrile.

FoodHandler has introduced a new product called JobSelect® Comfort™ Nitrile gloves that provides the durability and predictable cost of nitrile without sacrificing comfort, dexterity and touch sensitivity.

The cost of natural rubber latex has increased 190 percent over the past 24 months, driving up the price of disposable latex gloves. Experts expect this trend to continue – increasing by another 40 percent or more.

In addition, they’ve rolled out a more efficient packaging system called Advantage Pack. The 4/250 pack size requires less storage space than the typical 10/100 configuration. Advantage Pack also reduces waste by 40 percent, helping restaurants achieve important sustainability goals:
  • 64 percent less corrugate 
  • 59 percent smaller case cube
  • 40 percent less solid waste overall

If you’d like to see for yourself how JobSelect Comfort Nitrile Gloves compare to your current choice of single-use gloves, visit www.ThinSense.com for a free sample.