May/June Digital Issue 

May/June Digital Edition Features:

Beyond The Baguette: A look into Robyn Mayo's simplistic, rewarding approach to bread making

The Culinary Creative: Chef Doug Psaltis is calling the shots and making menus across Chicago

Redefining Chicken and Waffles: This comfort food essential is being reinvented in many ways

Zen and the Art of Snacking: Current crazes for the small-plate enthusiast

NRA Showcase: Check out our product showcase and guide to Chicago's dining and nightlife scene

Utilizing Coffee as an Ingredient: The repertoire of coffee-incorporated recipes keep growing

Greens and Microgreens: Preparing dishes with these tiny plants

Cracking the Egg: All eyes on Hampton Creek Food's plant-based egg substitute
For the first time since its inception, the National Restaurant Association Show will introduce Foodamental Studio, an exciting quasi food lab for restaurateurs and chefs seeking hands-on, interactive and expert-led classes. Attendees are invited to participate in the Studio that will offer crash-course workshops showcasing, teaching and unleashing the year’s most recognized culinary trends through hands-on tutorials. 

Topical experts and industry influencers—think James Beard Foundation winner Mindy Segal and James Beard nominated chef Paul Virant—will educate attendees about the processes and culinary techniques necessary to expand their menu and instruct kitchen brigades. The National Restaurant Association encourages you to choose the classes that look most beneficial to your operation, whether it’s the basics of pickling and brining or an exploration of ancient grains like quinoa, amaranth, faro and barley.  Did we mention that they’re free? The complimentary classes will be offered in the North Hall of the McCormick Place in Chicago, and Chris Koetke—VP Kendall College School of Culinary Arts and Host of Let’s Dish on the Live Well Network—will emcee the sessions.

A little bit education, a little demonstration and a whole lot of hands-on practice, the Foodamental Studio hopes to give chefs and restaurateurs the tools they need to attract new customers by experimenting with new methods and applications. Not sure which combinations of ginger, turmeric, tamarind and coriander create the most complex Malaysian flavors? There’s a session for that. Need a crash course on alternative oils such as High Olecic Soybean, High Oleic Canola or Non-GMO Canola? There’s also a session for that.

Check out full line-up below courtesy of the NRA Show:

Saturday, May 17

·         Food Selfie - 9:30-10:15am - Learn how to take the perfect beauty shot of food for social media and website needs to drive diners’ appetites. Jeff Kauck, Food Photographer 

·         We're in a Pickle - 10:45-11:30am - Learn the basics of pickling and brining and how to apply them to everything from protein and produce to appetizers to entrees.
Paul Virant, Restauranteur, Preservation Guru

·         Bread-y When You Are - 12:00-12:45pm - The once overlooked starter takes center stage with the rise in artisan breads, from ciabatta to challah to pretzel buns.
Heidi Hedeker, M.A., C.E.P.C., Baking & Pastry Chef Instructor, Kendall College

·         Malaysian Flavors - 1:15-2:00pm - Experiment with the spices and aromatics such as turmeric, chilies and coriander  combined with galangal, lemongrass, ginger, tamarind and more for deeply-layered, complex flavor without the spicy heat.
Christina Arokiasamy, Malaysia's Food Ambassador to the U.S.
Sponsored by Malaysia Trade Commission

·         Say Cheese - 2:30-3:15pm - Perfect your cheese vocabulary and learn the basic pairings with beverages, olives, meats, fruits, and breads to create a perfect cheese plate.
Bryan Bland, Head Cheesemonger, Pastoral
Lisa Futterman, Cheesmonger, Pastoral 

·         The Chop Shop - 3:45-4:30pm - Watch the pros showcase the art of nose-to-tail butchery
Rob Levitt, Owner, Butcher and Larder

Sunday, May 18

·         That's Oil, Folks! - 9:30-10:15am - Discover and learn about alternative oils such as High Olecic Soybean, High Oleic Canola, Non-GMO Canola as well as specialty oils to add depth of flavor to cuisine or high-end cocktails.
Sponsored by Columbus Oil
Carbonation Station - 10:45-11:30am - As the number one trend in non-alcoholic beverages, bring on the bubbles to create original house-made sodas
Steve McDonagh, Hearty Boys/Spritz Burger

·         Pleased to Meat You - 12:00-12:45pm - Using traditional and modern techniques, prepare a variety of charcuterie items including terrines, savory mousses, pâtés, sausages, cured meats, and smoked meats.
Tim Graham, Executive Chef, Travelle

·         DIY Desserts - 1:15-2:00pm - Inspire customers to get creative with tips and tricks to execute a “make-your-own” dessert program.
Mindy Segal, Owner, Hot Chocolate

·         Food Selfie - 2:30-3:15pm - Learn how to take the perfect beauty shot of food for social media and website needs to drive diners’ appetites
Derek Richmond, Food Photographer
·         A Grain of Truth - 3:45-4:30pm - Learn about popular specialty and ancient grains like quinoa, amaranth, faro and barley. Get secrets of how to procure, prepare and menu each one.
Cynthia Harriman, Director of Food and Nutrition Strategies, Whole Grain Council
Chef Mike Holleman, Chair Advisors Board, Whole Grain Council, RCA Lifetime Achievement Award 

Monday, May 19

·         Fermentation Nation - 9:30-10:15am
Another big trend of the year, learn how to make kimchi and get an introduction into other fermenting techniques.
Lauryn Chen, Author, The Kimchi Cookbook: 60 Traditional and Modern Ways to Make and Eat Kimchi

·         Sour Power - 10:45-11:30am - Explore the flavor profiles of mustards, citrus, vinegars, and more to add acidity to dishes and pack a punch of flavor
Tony Maws, Owner, Craigie on Maine

·         Oh Say Can We Seaweed - 12:00-12:45pm - Learn about edible saltwater plants including nori, kelp and algae, and how to use their snappy texture and deeply oceanic, umami-rich flavor for noodles, grain dishes—even desserts.
Chef Barton Seaver, Director of the Healthy and Sustainable Food Program at the Center for Health and the Global Environment, Harvard's School of Public Health 
Bren Smith, Seaweed Farmer, Thimble Island Oyster

·         We're in a Pickle - 1:15-2:00pm - Learn the basics of pickling and brining and how to apply them to everything from protein and produce to appetizers to entrees.
John Currence, Author/TV personality 

·         Flippin' Over Filipino Flavors - 2:30-3:15pm - The next big Asian flavor trend. Utilize the sweet, salty, and sour flavors of this hot cuisine with ingredients like Bagoong, calamansi, coconut sugar
Jess DeGuzman and Michael Morales, Sunda

·         Discovering Beef's Hidden Gems Together - 3:45-4:30pm - Hear about popular new cuts of meat and how to use them on your menu. Sponsored by Canada Beef  

Tuesday, May 20

·         Quick Pickles and Beyond - 9:30-10:15am - One of the most well-known uses of acid is with the classic pickle-but there's a lot of room for creativity. The class will include an overview of basic pickling techniques plus ways to branch out, including preserved lemons, kimchi and more.
Chef Stephanie Izard, Owner, Girl and the Goat and Little Goat

·         Today's Secret Ingredient...TEA! - 10:45-11:30am - Tea goes beyond the cup for this session, showcasing the versatility of tea for everything from cupcakes and sorbets to dry rubs for meat
Suzette Hammond, Director of Education, Rishi Tea

·         Beer Got Your Tongue* - 12:00-12:45pm - Build an understanding of how beer can best be experienced alongisde a variety of foods, and learn to differentiate taste from flavor with the Six Principles of Pairing.
*Participants must be 21 years of age,.Jared Rouben, Brewmaster

·         Choco Loco - 1:15-2:00pm: Learn the art of chocolate sculpting techniques
Thomas Raquel, Pastry Chef, Acadia