As a restauranteur, chef, or food service professional, food allergy protocols can seem daunting.  How do I improve food allergy procedures? Is there an easy way to modify a recipe to avoid allergens? What policies can I implement to keep guests safer? AllergyEats looks to answer those questions and more at the 2014 AllergyEats Food Allergy Conference for Restaurateurs & Food Service Professionals: How to Maximize Safety and Increase Customer Engagement, Loyalty, and Revenue.  The conference is geared towards restaurant chefs, owners and managers, college and university dining directors, and other food service professionals that strive to become more knowledgeable about accommodating food-allergic and gluten intolerant guests safely, comfortably, and profitably. 

The conference will take place October 1st at the Radisson Martinique in New York City and will feature a roster of prestigious speakers including well-respected restaurateurs that excel at accommodating food-allergic guests; notable food allergy trainers; physicians and allergists; experts in the financials of food allergies, and other specialists in creating allergy-friendly recipes.

These presenters will provide valuable information about accommodating food-allergic and gluten intolerant guests, reducing the fear around food allergies, and building customer loyalty and profits.  They'll also share actionable tips to make restaurants safer for food-allergic diners.

Topics will include Food Allergies in Colleges and Universities; The Financials Around Food Allergies; Food Allergy Basics; Restaurants That Get it Right; Modifying Recipes for the Food-Allergic Diner; and more.

"Our speakers will discuss protocols to improve communication, avoid cross-contamination, create allergen-free meals, and better accommodate guests with dietary restrictions," says Paul Antico, Founder and CEO of AllergyEats, father of three food-allergic children, and passionate food allergy advocate. AllergyEats is a comprehensive, user-friendly guide to allergy-friendly restaurants across the United States. It is a peer-reviewed directory of restaurants—all rated by people with food allergies, for people with food allergies. Their database has more than 600,000 restaurant listings across the U.S., from large chains to small mom and pop shops. With their free, peer-based site and app, users are able and encouraged to find and rate restaurants based solely on their ability to accommodate food allergies.  The site, app and related social media forums help families with food allergies reduce the guesswork surrounding dining out.

Advanced registration for the AllergyEats Conference is required.  Registration is $279 per person, and group discounts are also available. To register and for more information, visit the conference website
-Megan O'Neill