The New Year brings opportunities to start fresh, try something new, get rid of the outdated and create new experiences that will turn into memories. Your guests have a choice where they dine. And a lot of variables determine how they make their decisions – from proximity to atmosphere to the food served. More often than not, what’s on your menu counts heavily toward this choice. “Let’s go here for wings, “This place has the best fish fry,” “I’m craving surf’ n turf”. We’ve all uttered these words from time to time. Food has the power of persuasion. And as chefs, you have the tools to channel this power and transform an ingredient or protein into something masterful.

Let’s get creative in 2017. Consider chocolate or beef for breakfast. Try different ways to use emerging, trending ingredients such as turmeric and sardines, or use purple cauliflower or other veggies to replace rice and pasta.Consider coconut oil instead of olive, and add nuts and berries to sauces, chutneys and sides to enhance flavor and texture. Skip the added chemicals and processing – the more pure and natural the ingredients used, the better. The possibilities are endless. Opportunities, vast. Applause, bountiful.

Whether you revamp your whole menu for 2017 or simply introduce some new items, rainbow trout should remain a contender to round out your seafood choices. With its mild, clean flavor profile, rainbow trout is a perfect foundation for creating signature dishes. It pairs well with a variety of seasonings and sauces and is easy to prepare. And choosing rainbow trout from Clear Springs Foods is the only way to go. Clear Springs Foods has been at the forefront of environmental stewardship and continues to bea leader in sustainable production and practices. Our rainbow trout is sustainably farmed-raised in crystal clear, 58°F spring water in southern Idaho. We’re dedicated to ensuring you feel good about menuing our rainbow trout to your patrons.

From small plates and appetizers to sought-after entrees, Rainbow Trout delivers total menu flexibility. Our natural and butterfly fillets are 100% boneless for ultimate convenience, and our pre-crusted boneless varieties are available in on-trend flavors such as Harissa, Mustard Pretzel and Super Grains.