The French are passionate about their food, and trout has always played a prominent role in their cuisine. Today, French-inspired bistros, cafés and brasseries have experienced a resurgence across the US, and many are featuring rainbow trout on the menu. Its delicate flavor and tender texture lends itself perfectly to classic herbs and seasonings, sauces and French-inspired sides.

And when establishments look for freshness and value, they look to Clear Spring Foods,which provides a number of cuts and sizes including Clear∙Cuts─ the only 100-percent guaranteed boneless rainbow trout fillets available in the market today.

Menu Watch
Anis Bistro, located in Atlanta, offers “a taste of Provence in the heart of Buckhead.” This charming casual bistro’s vision is to transport its patrons to the South of France. Its traditional French fare strives to include the most authentic ingredients – from wines and cheeses to seafood specialties such as trout. In fact, a staple menu item, Truite Meunière, features pan-roasted trout and wilted greens with marinated artichokes, capers and lemon browned butter.And to the west, the Bistro Vendôme in Denver pan-sears its Idaho rainbow trout with caramelized fennel, haricot vert and grape Sauce Vierge for an impressive finish, calling this menu creation Truite avec Raisins. For more traditional presentations where the delicate, mild flavor of the trout emanates through, look to the Harbor House, lakeside in Milwaukee, or Brasserieby niche, not far south in St. Louis. Both prepare their rainbow trout simply, yet wonderfully with almonds and tender green beans.

Clear Springs Rainbow Trout is the perfect foundation for creating signature appetizers and entrées.
Hot Smoking rainbow trout lightly over birch wood is a flavorful technique. Enhance smoked trout with juniper berries and serve with a creamed horseradish sauce and cranberries for a European flair. Hot smoking both “smokes and cooks the trout at the same time.” This process requires much less time and effort than cold smoking.
wine sauce provides great aromas and flavors for easy-to-prepare entrées. Cooking trout directly in a wine sauce is effortless, and any semi-dry white wine is a good choice, whether accompanying the dish or during preparation.
MARINATE trout in a combination of herbs and nut-infused oil vinaigrettes to put your own signature touch on your menu and leave lasting impressions on every guest.
From smoked to sautéed, dusted to crusted, rainbow trout offers the ultimate in menu versatility and a great choice in addition to,or as a substitute for, other seafood items.

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