[Ghost] traveling with alcohol enthusiasts

By Sam Ujvary

Bobby Mackey's

Bars are a $24 billion/year industry, and most of us who are 21 and older understand that. But what we never think aboutexcept during this time of yearis how bars are so popular, that many patrons have since passed on. In honor of Halloween, this is the story of a place used to having supernatural regulars.
I sometimes like to watch T.V. shows like Scariest Places on Earth or haunted shows on the Travel Channel, especially when bars are involved. I don't necessarily believe everything those being interviewed say, but I enjoy the tales and back stories of how these establishments became haunted. Having attended arguably the most haunted campus in AmericaOhio Universityyou can't not be interested in this kind of stuff. 
On a long and winding road in Wilder, KY lies a popular local bar known for its entertainment, Bobby Mackey's Music World. I recently watched a Ghost Adventures repeat on the Travel Channel where the hosts show up to the infamously haunted venue and attempt to summon the dead. There are several backstories involved in the haunting of Bobby Mackey's what was once a slaughterhouse was used as a supposed sacrificial ritual site. Shortly after, a killing occurred and one of the parties held accountable promised to haunt the area forever. Once the slaughterhouse was demolished, a new speakeasy was built in its place during prohibition. A speakeasy that was perhaps too popular, as it drew the attention of local Cincinnati mobsters who wanted to overtake the establishment. Refusing the relinquish, legend has it that violence quickly escalated, leaving more individuals who refused to cross over. 
Nearly 20 years later, a new nightclub, Latin Quarter, opened in the building, and shortly after, a tragic Romeo and Juliet story unfolded. The owner's daughter fell in love with a singer, but her father didn't approve, and made him disappear. Once his daughter found out, she took both her father's and her own lifeleaving all to haunt the building. In 1978, Bobby Mackey opened the doors of his self-titled nightclub, and he, along with much of his staff, have witnessed paranormal encounters ever since. Perhaps the most intriguing part of this, is that the singer from the Latin Quarter story shares the same name as the current owner, and the bar itself.
If you like bars, history, and questionable stories, I encourage you to spend this eerie holiday learning more about your favorite local establishments and their possible haunted histories. 

Here's to you.