On New Caledonia, an island in the southwestern Pacific about half the size of Taiwan, the Blue Lagoon Farm Group (BLF) is sustainably producing Pacific Blue Shrimp for worldwide export under the brand name Markea Prawns.

This unique species of shrimp with a sweet flavor and firm, crunchy texture isn't popular with most farming countries because it is extremely sensitive to its environment and thus requires more care and monitoring than other species. As such, BLF raises the shrimp using sustainable aquaculture practices and heeds principles that ensure quality control at every step of production from the hatchery to the packing plant.

At the hatchery, broodstock are raised in an independent cycle from the farms and are not captured in the wild. To boost the quality of the larvae, broodstock feed contains no hormones, antibiotics or by-products from land animals. Fresh seawater is constantly pumped into the ponds, which are constructed to preserve the surrounding mangrove forests. Aside from the environmental benefits of preserving these forests, mangroves provide a natural filtration system for the ponds when they are drained at harvest.

Only flawless prawns are selected for packing and export, and they transported to the plant at no more than 2ºC. Once sorted and weighed, the prawns are quick frozen in a brine solution, their temperature is lowered to negative 16ºC and they are glazed in filtered water to preserve their flavor and protect them from subfreezing temperatures. Markea Prawns are only available whole and individually quick frozen (IQF).

For more information visit Markea Prawns' Web site.