Celebrity chef and restaurateur Michael Symon and freelance journalist and writer Michael Ruhlman will join Tellman Knudson, who is running barefoot from New York to Los Angeles to raise money for homeless teens, at a press conference in Cleveland on Nov. 24. Knudson, also known as the Barefoot Philanthropist, is running 3,200 miles to raise $100,000 for homeless outreach programs like Bellefaire JCB. He began his run Sept. 9 in New York City and is 540 miles into the trek.

"I am happy to support Tellman and his extraordinary endeavor," said Symon in a press statement. "I can’t imagine the pain and suffering of running barefoot on pavement for even one mile, much less the 500 that he has already run. It is a tremendous commitment and a great personal sacrifice."

The meet-and-greet event begins at 11 a.m. at the Bellefaire JCB Center in Shaker Heights, Ohio. For more information or to donate, visit www.runtellmanrun.com or www.tellman.org.