As part of the ongoing effort to curb childhood obesity, First Lady Michelle Obama has launched "Chefs Move to Schools," a program calling on chefs to adopt a school and work with staff and parents to create healthy school meals and help educate kids about food and nutrition.

The program is part of the Let's Move! campaign to solve the childhood obesity epidemic within a generation. "Chefs Move to Schools," which is run through the U.S. Department of Agriculture, will pair chefs with interested schools in their communities to create healthy meals that meet the schools' dietary guidelines and budgets, while teaching young people about nutrition and making balanced and healthy choices.

"Many children consume as many as half of their daily calories at school and as families work to ensure that kids eat right and have active play at home, we also need to ensure our kids have access to healthy meals in their schools," said Obama in a statement. "We are going to need everyone's time and talent to solve the childhood obesity epidemic and our nation's chefs have tremendous power as leaders on this issue because of their deep knowledge of food and nutrition and their standing in the community."

On June 4, chefs from across the United States--who were selected to be the pilot group for the program--came to the White House to take part in a Chefs Move to Schools launch event. The chefs visited the White House garden, attended a speaking engagement featuring Michelle Obama and participated in a breakfast forum with Share Our Strength. For more information about Chefs Move to Schools, click here.