Is March 1 circled on your calendar? It should be. That's Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent-a season that can jumpstart the slower period after the December holiday rush.

The time to start planning for Lent is now. Datassential says 26 percent of consumers observe Lent and 41 percent of those consumers eat fish on Fridays instead of meat. Looking a month ahead means you'll be menu-ready when Lent arrives. Plus, an early start on your seafood menu will appeal to customers looking to eat lighter and healthier at the start of the new year, or those looking for a special treat on Valentine's Day.

From Ash Wednesday until Easter (which this year falls on April 16), you don't just want to serve your customers the same old, same old, you want them to dine, offering them entrees they will look forward to during Lent and ask for throughout the year.

One of the ways to do this is with the unexpected-Rainbow Trout. From small plates and appetizers to craveable entrees, Rainbow Trout delivers total menu flexibility. Our natural and butterfly fillets are 100% boneless for convenience, and their mild flavor and tender texture make them the perfect palette for a variety of delectable menu creations.
Creations such as smoked trout roll-ups, baked trout with shiitake mushrooms, tomatoes and ginger or red quinoa trout cakes offer a delicious twist your diners are looking for during Lent and beyond.

In addition, a number of customers have adopted the Paleo diet and rainbow trout fits the bill with a number of delicious options, from simple grilled trout with olive oil and herbes de Provence to pan-seared trout with orange pecan sauce.

Market Your Lenten Offerings

Whatever seafood selections you serve during Lent, don't treat promoting them like an afterthought, or you could leave money on the table. reports that seafood sales surge more than 20% during Lent and up to 50% on Lenten Fridays.

Your customers are looking for a wide range of seafood options during Lent, so don't disappoint!

Click Here for Rainbow Trout and Shrimp in Curry Simmer Sauce Demo Video