Uncommon Ground, a 19-year staple of Chicago's Wrigleyville neighborhood, recently earned its second 3 Star Certification from the Green Restaurant Association (GRA) for its flagship location on Clark St. Uncommon Ground's Edgewater location earned 3 Star Certification in May.

"For 19 years, we've run a restaurant that continually improves its eco-friendly performance," said co-owner Helen Cameron in a statement. "At a time in history where lots of businesses are making green claims, we're proud to be able to back ours up with a third-party certification that truly means something to our customers."

The interior at Uncommon Ground

According to the GRA's Certification guidelines, 3 Star Certified Green Restaurants must meet a minimum of 175 points within their program by implementing environmental steps that include: sourcing local foods within a 100-mile radius, using reclaimed wood in restaurant décor and furniture, collecting rainwater to water plants, creating recycling and composting programs and incorporating a significant number of vegetarian and vegan menu items. So far, Uncommon Ground in Wrigleyville has earned more than 195 points.

For more information about the GRA's Certification program, visit www.dinegreen.com.