Master-Bilt, manufacturer of a full line of premier commercial refrigeration systems, understands that foodservice operators are looking to save money and be more conscious of their purchases. New is not always necessary, and with Master-Bilt's retrofit program for walk-ins, a variety of cost-saving options can extend the life and improve efficiency, safety and appearance of any walk-in from Master-Bilt and competing brands.

"Just like a car, walk-ins can get less efficient, and over time components can show wear and tear and may break down," says Bill Huffman, vice president of sales and marketing for Master-Bilt. "In an effort to save money on replacing an entire unit, there are other ways to extend the life of any walk-in by replacing worn-out doors and refrigeration systems."

With Master-Bilt, customers can replace old or worn-out refrigeration systems or individual compressors to improve performance. Master-Bilt retrofit doors replace well-used or damaged doors--even those of competitors--to provide better insulation and aesthetics. Master-Bilt's unique field adjustable hinge backing plates on walk-in cooler and freezer doors ensure a proper fit of the door during installation and retrofitting for optimum efficiency.

Additionally, if walk-in floors have buckled or curved under the weight of shelving or pallet jacks, Master-Bilt can install a new floor overlaminate without replacing the entire floor. "A new system is not always a necessity and through a retrofit program, foodservice operators no longer have to buy a brand new walk-in when components get worn out," adds Huffman.

Master-Bilt, a member of the Standex Food Service Equipment Group and in business for more than 70 years, has set the industry benchmark for refrigeration and freezing solutions for commercial foodservice applications. Today, Master-Bilt offers a complete line of refrigerated coolers and freezers, and strives to meet growing demand for energy efficient equipment. The company's Energy Saver program helps users to quickly identify their products that reduce energy usage. See www.master-bilt.com/products/energy_saver.htm for more information on the program. Master-Bilt's specialty markets include restaurants, convenience stores, dairies, warehousing and drug stores. For more information on Master-Bilt's full product line or literature, call Teresa Todd at (800) 647-1284, ext. 4236 or e-mail ttodd@master-bilt.com.