From June 10 to 12, restaurants nationwide will devote a portion of their profits to the Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund to help people affected by the Gulf oil spill and support efforts to restore the coast, according to a June 2 story in The Times Picayune. The effort, called Dine Out for the Coast, was created by Jimmy Galle, owner of Gulfish, a seafood distributor in Sausalito, Calif.

Restaurants interested in participating can contact Jimmy Galle at (209) 969-3893 or

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Two culinary alumnus have joined together to create Alumni Helping Alumni, an online public marketplace to help fellow New England area culinary alumni take advantage of the skills and offerings that other culinary alumni can offer them.

The idea originated as a way to help fellow culinary alumni who are no longer in the kitchens themselves and have started their own businesses associated with cooking. Alumni Helping Alumni is aimed at growing both those alumni member businesses and assisting other culinary alumnus in helping them by offering either a discount or offering a break on products or services.

The group welcomes all culinary alumnus from the Culinary Institute of America, Johnson & Wales University and the New England Culinary Institute that would like to participate. The cost associated is pledging to give a percentage discount or other incentive off of services or products to fellow alumni who would like to do business with them.

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