Profiling the leaders of the pack
By Sam Ujvary

Liquid Brunch

Everyone loves brunch—in fact, I don't trust a person who doesn't enjoy a good weekend brunch. It's been known, for some to stay in on a Saturday night, just so they're prepared for Sunday brunch. Bloody Marys, bottomless Mimosas, and bacon. This is what life's all about. I'm always fascinated to find people who have the ability to come up with a seemingly outrageous idea for a new drink that I can enjoy with my crèpes.
Gina DelMonico-Williams love brunch. The Webster Grill bartender has been making cocktails for 20 years, having started in the industry as a short order cook back in Lakewood, Ohio. As she was browsing the aisles at a local liquor store one day, a bottle of Maple and Bacon liqueur caught her eye. And those ingredients are the cornerstones of brunch.
For Delmonico-Williams, as for most of us, bourbon screams autumn, and autumn. With that in mindand the help of her culinary team at Webster's Grillshe decided to fat-wash bourbon with bacon in order to develop a perfect new brunch-themed cocktail. "While we were working with the bacon, our chef, Matt Jost decided to experiment with brisket jus and we found the right mix," she says. "The brisket gave the bourbon that smoky aroma and flavor." 
She decided to take those ingredients to create an approachable bourbon cocktail that everyone would love to drink. Keeping with the bacon theme, breakfast came to mind. They even made the drink look like a plate of bacon and eggs, utilizing shaken egg whites and a lemon peel, with a bacon garnish. 
Whether enjoying the cocktail creation during brunch, with a steak dinner or simply on it's own, the perfectly balanced ingredients leave you with a smooth, salty-yet-sweet finish. Well done, Gina.

How to make: Bacon N Eggs

2 oz Bacon and Brisket Infused Very Old Barton Bourbon
.75 oz Lemon Juice
.5 oz Maple Syrup
2 T Liquid Egg Whites
2 dashes of Angostura Bitters

Shake vigorously for 7 seconds, double strain into a coup glass.  Garnish with a swizzle bacon stick and an orange peel.