M&Q Packaging is pleased to announce that PanSaver® ECO™, their bio-base ovenable (400°F / 203°C) pan liner, is now available at the same low price as their traditional ovenable (400°F / 203°C) PanSaver® pan liner product.

PanSaver ECO was first introduced at the 2011 NRA Show in Chicago. Originally priced 8% higher than PanSaver®, M&Q Packaging reports that costs have been driven out of the manufacturing process primarily due to the investment in a $1.6MM state-of-the-art high speed co-extrusion tower which was recently commissioned at the Schuylkill Haven manufacturing facility.

Pioneering the sustainable effort in the pan liner category, PanSaver® ECO™ offers:
  • A smaller carbon foot print due to PanSaver® ECO™ being derived from canola oil (a sustainable resource) as opposed to a petroleum based material.
  • A lower adhesion to protein based foods; therefore, no sticking.
  • Stronger seals, better puncture resistance and tear strength; therefore, a more durable liner resulting in fewer change-outs offering the operator additional savings.