Showcasing their leadership and long-time commitment to environmental conservation, The Field Museum will be the first cultural institution to implement a program of this scope – integrating a sustainability strategy in the Museum’s next foodservice contract for its in-house restaurants. The Field Museum strategy is a component of a program called, Beyond Green: Sustainable Foodservice for Cultural Institutions, which also addresses monitoring of the strategy once it is implemented. The ten year strategy was created under the guidance of Chicago-based sustainability consulting firm, Greg Christian Consulting (GCC).

As the first institute-driven program to dedicate such robust efforts to sustainability, The Field Museum sees great promise as Beyond Green:

  • Drives quantifiable sustainability practices for the future by putting goals of the strategy into foodservice contracts.
  • Is tailored to the needs of the individual institution and,
  • Demonstrates an aggregation of prominent environmental foodservice standards, including Green Restaurant Association, Green Seal Environmental Standard for Restaurants and Food Services (GS-46), and APEX (Accepted Practices Exchange) Standards for Green Meetings and Events.