Who knew the center of plate could be such a lonely place? A new website called www.grilledandlonely.com, that's who.

Ostensibly a way for "centers to find their true sidemates," Grilled & Lonely lets foodservice operators search for recipe ideas to accompany grilled proteins according to compatibility factors like snuggling, commitment, or a fresh start. You can also "speed date," instant random pairings, and there's a section of success stories called "happily menued after."

As if that weren't fun enough, on Twitter, you can also solicit grilled relationship advice from Mr. Lonely Grill (@mr_lonely_grill), who offers entertaining responses like "don't blame the potato" and "all steaks fall for asparagus at some point." Mr. Lonely Grill is, of course, also there to help you solve your center of plate pairing woes.

The site and tweets are sponsored by Bush Brothers, the good people behind Bush's Best® Baked Beans, the number-one brand of baked beans in the country. So it's no surprise the sides on Grilled & Lonely are bean-based. Sides that incidentally look pretty good.

The site was created for Bush Brothers by Marlin and The Alchemedia Project, both based in Springfield, Mo.