According to the National Fisheries Institute's Top Ten list, Americans continue to include shrimp and canned tuna in their diet more than any other seafood, though overall seafood consumption dipped for the third year in a row in 2008.

The amount of shrimp eaten in the United States remained steady last year, while canned tuna consumption increased slightly. Consumption of salmon, which held the third place spot, and Alaskan pollock, which was fourth, both dropped slightly. In the fifth spot, tilapia consumption rose slightly, as it has since it first appeared on the list in 2002. The remaining seafood on the list were: catfish (6), crab (7), cod (8), flatfish (9) and clams (10).

The Top Ten List is compiled for the National Fisheries Institute by H.M. Johnson & Associates, publishers of an annual report on the U.S. seafood industry. Data for this list came from the National Marine Fisheries Service. For more information, visit