National Doughnut Day is Friday, June 6, and with the doughnut craze continually evolving and expanding, we thought we would offer some doughnut recipes with unique twists courtesy of chefs across the country. Check back tomorrow for a Missouri-based pastry chef's Italian-inspired doughnut sundae!

The Chinese Green Tea Donut by Pastry Chef Michael Moorhouse at Nest at WP24 in Los Angeles, is his own variation of the yóutiáo, a Chinese donut-like desert, dusted in matcha powder and served alongside yuzu cream dipping sauce.

Chinese Green Tea Donut, Nest at WP24
Pastry Chef Michael Moorhouse

450 g. bread flour
200 ml. boiling water
10 eggs
½ t. powdered baking ammonium (available in Chinese pharmacy)
200 g. sugar
10 g. matcha powder

Sift together flour and ammonium and stir into boiling water. Beat in eggs one by one and mix to obtain a smooth batter. Scoop small balls of dough and fry in peanut oil at 350F until golden brown. Dredge warm fritters in sugar that has been sifted with matcha. Serve immediately.