Operators across the nation would probably agree that summer is the “berry” best time to feature California strawberry signature menu items. California strawberry  specials help drive traffic in every menu part with eye-catching color and bright flavor.

Industry pundits encourage limited-time offers (LTOs) to boost brand excitement and drive sales. Some popular Strawberry LTOs return annually due to customer demand, and some find their way on to the permanent menu. That’s why so many chains rely on an annual strawberry promotion, year-after-year, it’s what the customers want, and it increases traffic during a high volume season.  Look to the California Strawberry Commission for innovative menu ideas for your summer menu specials. Expand the beverage menu with a refreshing Basil Strawberry Lemonade which can be served as a cocktail, too. Add a versatile summer Strawberry Salsa which is great with chips and an excellent topping for a white fish entrée, or taco. Or try adding a savory appetizer like Strawberry Gazpacho to start and Grilled Strawberries with Black Pepper Ice Cream as a show-stopping finale. Good news for operators: California strawberries are available all year round, so LTOs can easily
become permanent customer favorites.

Visit www.californiastrawberries.com for summer menu ideas. From whole, sliced, diced, grilled,
roasted and braised, California strawberries has a recipe for you.