Restaurant operators across all segments, from casual dining to healthcare, are always on the lookout for products they can add to their menu that provide distinctiveness and delight their customers.  One new item that fits this bill is Rainbow Trout burgers from Clear Springs.  True, burgers in every shape and form have been the hottest news in foodservice over the past year, but primarily they have been beef based.  With beef prices on the rise, now operators are looking for other ideas on how they can capitalize on the burger craze without breaking the bank. Plus, Rainbow Trout Burgers are a perfect addition to your Lenten Menus. 

The beauty of trout burgers is they taste great and they are really healthy.  Each four ounce patty is loaded with heart-healthy Omega 3’s with 22 grams of protein, plus beneficial nutrients including Vitamin A & C and Calcium. In addition, they are gluten free.  Best of all, they are made with 100% Idaho Rainbow Trout from the nation’s leading producer of sustainable rainbow trout – Clear Springs Foods. Discover great tasting, wholesome goodness in every bite.

Preparation is easy-simply grill, bake or sauté frozen burgers in as little as 4 minutes per side. The mild-tasting trout burger can be customized and complemented by a variety of flavorful sauces, from chipotle mayonnaise to chili lime tartar. Add a splash to your menu with one of these easy and delicious sandwich ideas today: 

·         - Add a slice of pepper jack cheese and guacamole
·         - Top with avocado, tomato and herb aioli
·         - Create a BLTT sandwich – bacon, lettuce, tomato on top
·         - Give a little kick by spreading jalapeno mayo on the bun and top with hot peppers

Clear Springs® Trout burgers. They’re what’s for lunch, dinner and in-between.