The Soyfoods Council website provides practical information for foodservice operators, educators and others who want to learn how soyfoods can help them solve some of today’s menu challenges. Visit the website at to find these resources, and more.
  • The Soyfoods 101 Curriculum, available in English and Spanish, can walk employees through a list of soyfoods, their characteristics and their culinary applications. Recipes are included. The curriculum was prepared for the Soyfoods Council by Christopher Koetke, CCE, CEC, Dean of The School of Culinary Arts at Kendall College, Chicago.
  • A variety of informative videos on the Soyfoods Council website cover a range of topics such as Edamame, Textured Soy Protein, How to Make Your Own Soymilk, Nutrition Education and more. These videos offer busy foodservice operators simple tips and recipe suggestions for cooking with soyfoods.
  • Free brochures, including Soyfoods and Your Health With Professional Resources, provide a quick way to answer questions about soyfoods and their nutrition benefits.
The Edamame Facts brochure offers preparation tips and nutrition facts that help explain the popularity of this fresh soybean that is high in protein and fiber and contains no cholesterol. You’ll also be able to access globally inspired edamame recipes on the Soyfoods Council website, ranging from Edamame Mango Relish to Edamame Hummus.

For more information, recipes and resources from The Soyfoods Council, visit the website at