In 2012, why not resolve to look for new ways to feature rainbow trout on your menu? After all, your customers are looking for healthier alternatives, and Clear Springs® Rainbow Trout features heart-healthy omega 3’s, lean protein, zero grams trans fats and has a mild, nutty flavor—a perfect addition, giving your menu a little splash.
Effortless Enjoyment
Serving seafood has never been simpler for you! Our natural and butterfly rainbow trout fillets feature our exclusive Clear•Cuts® 100% boneless guarantee—saving you valuable preparation time and giving your customers a more enjoyable experience.
Rainbow trout is very versatile in that it pairs well with many flavor profiles. The possibilities are endless—try with a variety of sauces and toppings from chutneys to salsas as well as served breaded or seasoned. Grilled, baked, sautéed poached or boiled, rainbow trout is as flexible as it is delicious.
Swimming in Popularity
Rainbow trout is gaining ground as a relevant seafood option. Just look around the country to discover how top chefs are creatively preparing rainbow trout.

Consider The Dogwood in Baltimore, where rainbow trout is menued with a four-grain pilaf and a side of Tuscan-style roasted cauliflower with sweet garlic, crusty bread, anchovies and Parmesan. At the Basil Leaf Café in Chicago, rainbow trout is featured with baby spinach, wild mushrooms and roasted new potatoes. And the Apache Grill in Traverse City, Michigan, prepares fillets topped with a delicious sauce of white wine, peppers, onions and feta cheese. Or try rainbow trout in these three applications from Brennan’s in New Orleans: Trout Kottwitz, featuring a filet sautéed with sliced artichoke bottoms and fresh mushrooms topped with lemon butter sauce; Trout Amandine with almond slices, pan sautéed with brown butter and paired with haricot verts; and finally, Trout Pecan, fresh trout sautéed and topped with roasted pecans and pecan butter.
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