Front of the House (FOH) introduced two new product lines, Drinkwise and Platewise, at the International Hotel, Motel & Restaurant Show at Javits Center this week in New York City.

Drinkwise (pictured, below) is the first-of-its-kind collection from FOH of reuseable, BPA-free drinkware. Drinkwise is a safe, durable alternative to polycarbonate and SAN drinkware. The design is industrial dishwasher proof for 3,000-plus cycles, lightweight, impact- and shatterproof, BPA-free, crack-resistant and reusable.
FOH also unveiled Platewise (pictured, below), a green alternative to traditional plastic and melamine dinnerware. Made of natural bamboo--a highly renewable, biodegradable and melamine-free resource--Platewise is a nontoxic serving solution for all occasions. The dinnerware and serveware will stand up to rigorous commercial washings and easily decompose in a landfill. Platewise offers the perfect combination of style, function and durability for chefs, as well as affordability and availability for high-volume, low-maintenance purchasers. For guests, Platewise provides the reassurance of a beautiful and eco-friendly dining experience.

FOH designs and manufactures unique tableware and serveware for the hospitalitytrade, transforming the ordinary into modern elegance. For more information, visit