"When budgets are tight, what can we do to keep our working environment positive and our employees upbeat? It is human nature for our employees to feel insecure when everything around them is shrinking. Employers are asking employees to do more with less. Work harder in a shorter amount of time. Forfeit raises and bonuses, yet remain positive and optimistic. It should come as no surprise that in 2009, when companies were spending less and were more thrifty with their finances, inspirational speakers and team-building affiliations were up 20 to 30 percent. It makes sense that if an employer is going to take so much away from the employee then they better be doing something to keep morale up, and many Fortune 500 companies are. But what about kitchen teams? How many properties are committed to team-building and raising morale?"
--Chef Charles Carroll CEC, AAC, inspirational speaker, "Industry Voices," March/April 2010, Chef Magazine


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