"As we peer into the future, we can already begin to make some forecasts about the elements of a meal in the coming year.

"American cuisine. Everyone, or at least some, believe American cuisine is the future (though trying to define American cuisine is as difficult as trying to pet a porcupine). Airline food. Ranked healthwise on a 1- to 5-point scale, with 5 being the healthiest: Continental Airlines, 4.5; American, 3.75; United, JetBlue and Delta, 3.5; US Airways, 2.5. Allergies. Eleven million Americans suffer from allergies. Researchers at Emory University, Atlanta, will be making significant progress to finding a solution to the problem. Appetizers will morph into little meals."
--Irena Chalmers, "Future food,"
"The Last Word," January 2010, Chef Magazine


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