Allfish, a public-private partnership created by the seafood industry, the World Bank, the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization and the Global Environment Facility, has a new Web site at

Allfish was established to help shape more economically and environmentally sustainable fisheries and aquaculture operations, particularly in developing countries. Projects funded by Allfish will be designed to promote good fisheries governance, sustainable fishing practices, effective aquaculture methods, ecosystem preservation, responsible marketplace actions and engagement in global policy debates.

"Allfish was established to help seafood industry organizations, including small-scale producers and fisheries authorities collaborate effectively," said Stan Crothers, chairman of Allfish and former head of New Zealand's Ministry of Fisheries, in a statement. "We're not in the business of creating new polices or telling fledgling producers what to do. We're here to share resources and knowledge in order to promote responsible fisheries."