"As the economy continues to affect the industry, some in foodservice are feeling it more than others. Chefs are usually the ones who have to carry the weight of the kitchen as it pertains to labor costs and food costs. We all know that when business is slow, to save on labor, the chef has to send cooks home early—and the chef usually has to stay and finish the shift. In culinary school, I learned that a chef is many things and wears many hats, but when you have to be the prep cook, the line cook, the kitchen manager and the purchaser all at the same time, it gets cumbersome. Chefs are strong kitchen warriors, but after a while of juggling all of the duties, it gets old real quick. So what’s a chef to do?"

--Jim Churches, CEC, key account manager, Michael Foods Inc.,
"Industry Voices," August 2009, Chef Magazine


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