Chef Michael Garahan created chefsformammograms, a Web site that sells bags of Garahan's famous granola and generates a $2 donation from each sale to help fund mammograms at Ocean Medical Center in Brick, N.J. Garahan started the site in honor of his mother Delores, who died from breast cancer in 1976 just before Garahan graduated from the Culinary Institute of America.

Chefsformammograms is also holding a ChefsPKG recipe contest for members of the hospitality industry who have been unemployed at any point during 2009. Participants must create recipes using the entire contents of at least four packages, plus no more than seven more ingredients. Judging will be based on taste, ease of preparation and originality. First prize is $1,000, though the amount will increase with each banner ad placed on Second prize is $250 and third prize is $100. For more information, visit