A laboratory distillation technique has now been adapted for culinary use by PolyScience, a leading manufacturer and supplier of scientific equipment. Designed to perform distillations at reduced pressure and temperature, the Laborota 4000 Rotary Evaporator enables chefs to easily purify liquids, concentrate flavors, and obtain essential oils that can be used to infuse or intensify flavor without affecting the texture or composition of the final dish. For example, Grant Achatz of Alinea is using a rotary evaporator to pull the flavor, but not the heat, out of chilies and then using that pure chili essence to add an unexpected element to his creations.

The Laborota 4000 is a modularly designed rotary evaporator that provides high distillation efficiency while requiring a minimum of kitchen space. A liquid-cooled condenser allows condensation to occur at -20°C, using the included LM6 Mini-Chiller, ensuring maximum product yield. For more information on PolyScience culinary technology, visit www.cuisinetechnology.com.