A new 64-page guide to sous vide cooking written by Thomas Keller, renowned chef and author of Under Pressure, is now available exclusively from PolyScience as part of the company’s new sous vide cooking starter kit. Sous Vide: A Guide to Low-Temperature Cooking covers all aspects of sous vide cooking, from the origins and basic principles of sous vide through techniques and safety considerations. This informative, highly approachable guide features tips and sous vide recipes not found anywhere else.

In addition to Sous Vide: A Guide to Low-Temperature Cooking, the PolyScience Sous Vide Kit includes the model 7306C Thermal Circulator with protective cage and an 18 liter clear polycarbonate cooking tank with custom-fit lid. The Thermal Circulator provides the liquid circulation and precisely controlled heating necessary when cooking sous vide. For more information on PolyScience culinary technology, visit www.cuisinetechnology.com.