"For the past five years, the concept of culinary authenticity has been a topic of intrigue for gastronomes, chefs and scholars alike. In urban cities where international flavors can be found in markets and restaurants on every corner, how have cultures been able to maintain the 'tradition' of their cuisine? Is Chinese food eaten in New York City's Chinatown as authentic as Chinese food eaten in Beijing? Is 'authenticity' specified in the quality of ingredients and the execution of a precise recipe, or by a restaurant's geographic location and the ethnicity of the chef preparing the cuisine? Moreover, what does it mean for a dish to be Americanized when America has long been considered the melting pot of all cultures and cuisines?"
--Michael Cressotti, executive chef, SushiSamba7, New York City,
"Industry Voices" column, May 2009, Chef Magazine
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May 2009

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