The Green Restaurant Association (GRA) and the New York State Restaurant Association (NYSRA) announced their official partnership in greening New York's restaurants. With GRA's 19 years as the industry standard for Certified Green Restaurants and with NYSRA providing leadership for New York State restaurants for more than 70 years, this partnership is the most significant move to date in helping to create an environmentally sustainable restaurant industry. Restaurants are responsible for the largest consumption of energy in the retail sector, and New York is the restaurant capital of the world, making it the focal point to create sustainability in the restaurant industry worldwide.

Components of the partnership include:
  • facilitating the GRA's Green Restaurant 4.0 Standards program to NYSRA members
  • GRA providing educational resources to NYSRA's Web site, newsletters, etc.
  • greening some of NYSRA internal operations
  • providing a preferred rate to NYSRA members for GRA's consulting and certification services
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