The best way to keep your business moving ahead is by being a part of North America's largest specialty food show: the 55th Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City June 28 to 30.

The Summer Fancy Food Show will bring you the new ideas, new products and new momentum to help you Move Ahead and keep your menus fresh and innovative:

Discover new sauces for everything from your best-selling hot wings to your scrumptious desserts, or find organic ingredients to create new, healthful dishes. You'll find everything from cheese to chocolate, spices to sorbets, pastas to pastries--all in volumes designed for your business and your budget!

Our biggest show of the year gives you another way to Move Ahead. It's in the heart of New York
City--one of the best live learning labs for innovation in dining. The city's restaurants welcome you as an attendee and will provide inspiration for your next great ideas. Browse restaurant deals and more.

Don't wait for the economy to bring your customers back: Come Move Ahead with us. Register now at www.fancyfoodshows.com/attend.